I train with Mickel Evangelista/Get Tough Fitness. I seriously could not ask for a better trainer. He is tough on us and pushes us to our limits, but he is also incredibly supportive and motivational.

This December will mark my one year of training.

I NEVER thought I’d be pushing myself to train like this. Growing up, I was never into sports. I always did music/theatre related things: singing, dancing, some acting, and various instruments. I never had any upper body strength. Now, it’s a totally different story.

1011647_441987599250823_1147318130_n       1094957_424158007700449_1848447530_n   1378869_455340161248900_1381827177_n

I have even begun doing events! Here’s a photo from a 5K Zombie Race I did in September:


I’m also planning on doing the 2014 Spartan Spring at CitiField, which happens to be on my birthday!


I absolutely love training; it helps so much with anxiety and depression, something I’ve battled with in the past. I feel more energetic and alive than I ever have before.




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